Cherry blossom
Rose hue on the burdened trees
Shy and proud of
Their pregnancy
The would-be mother of cherries

Icy ice tundra
Clad trees queuing up
Waves of reason we dodge
Along the snowy coast of
Our lives.

Goldish leaves laying the road
Wonder where to
Blanket of fire
Chariot of bliss
This autumn of DORIS.

Pure purest light, air, water
Frozen simplicity
Statue of miracle
It’s there on Antarctica.

The best of civilization
Odes to God it chirps
Blue and greenness
Lovely love bridged.

New Swan Castle
Apparition of dreams
Misty as mist
Ghostly as soul
In the fringe of mountains
Steaming like a thought.

Milling water fine and clear
Waving wings
Greeting cosmos
Splashing feet
Giggling to the air.

Snow-white sheep grazing
Patchy pasture of tingling flowers
Awaiting shower
Milky clouds heavily laden.

Castle from the obscure
Lights waking up reality
The witch in us often ramble
Other end of infinity.

Autumn tree
Shy of jealousy
Golden is your love
Caressing the earth
Softly soft whisper of
Migrating summer.

What a beautiful world!