A Cat Called Shan

by Pamela Griffiths

A factory cat had some kittens
In a drainpipe way down low
She took some fish heads to feed them
This was so many years ago

The cat was missing probably dead
Workers heard the kittens one day
Some kittens died but others survived
A vet came to take them away

We asked if we could take one home
We rescued one from the hole
Our kitten was such a character
A cute pleasant feline soul

She was playful and amusing
We weaned her on tuna fish
She nearly had my finger off
So I put some into a dish

We named our little kitten Shan
She loved being with our dog Lady
Lady took good care of her
She thought Shan was her baby

Years passed by Shan became an adult
She was there through thick and thin
She frightened visitors at our door
From behind them she’d make a din

Just like a banshee she sometimes howled
Like a dog she followed us around
Then as she got even older still
There was also a gurgling sound

Shan had survived she had a good life
We made sure that she was okay
But at the old age of twenty two
She was sadly taken away

End of the poem

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