A Crimson Carpet

by Pamela Griffiths

Rows of pretty flowers sitting in the sand
A colourful site of crimson to expand
Pretty petals showing themselves so proud
Being bold and standing out from the crowd

A carpet of crimson a sight for sore eyes
They have grown so high it was a surprise
Being so bright they lighten the mood
They’ve grown so high without plant food

Hardy and pretty, a good combination
A lovely example of natures creation
As the wind blows they sway in the breeze
In this dry sandy place there are no trees

A crimson carpet full of wonderful colour
Without them here it would be so much duller
Bright to the eye and so pleasant to see
The flowers have attracted a curious bee

The petals will drop as the plants decay
There’ll be more returning the very next day
A colourful carpet gives pleasure to all
Until the final petals are destined to fall

End of the poem

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