as i stare at the reflection in the mirror,
i can see the hurt in her eyes,
i can feel the pain in her heart.
her heart is a black hole.
filled with sorrow and depression,
always living life in depression.

to many dope session,
to even make an anoust confession.
always to doped up to even ask herself “if she’ll ever learn her lesson?”
all she ever thinks about are suicidal tensions,
always reminding herself,
she wasn’t worthy living.

slicing her wriest,
watching as her blood slowly drips.
devoting her life to the dark lord himself,
“king lucifer.”
(the prince of darkness)

her look was just so deceiving
living her life in complete insanity.
i look at the reflection to get one last glance,
my eyes started getting teary.
i just stared in complete betrayal,
cause the woman in the mirror was me all along.

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