A crystals shine as armour
Blades that are ruthless swords
A sworn enemy to every farmer
They soar and sail in every possible world.

Harbors the hoppers, so called the green lush
Renders the cricket and legumes unseen in the cobalt earth
Vapours Of Life, that thrive in the irrelevant rush
Benders or legends… all stepped on the green girth.

Sometimes a life’s need, sometimes an evil person’s deed
A beauty, that complements the surrounding shades
Never wilt exist a pavement, without this sunshine’s lead.

A duty, a perfection that’s the sincere priority of Mother Earth’s every maid
An ample of pigment, lining even the finest ship yards segment
An ever fresh presence, or they would say this mottles never been mine
I try to make the rain wash every tear, even of those reign the highest regiments
A blaze of life, I am… but a bottle of sunshine