Straw hats, skimmed milk
Oh Goggles… now don’t you forget that
Bare legs, tops so alive
Glasses filled with pegs, hey I really want that Meg
Riot on flowers, the church that was told
Now she set it all up for her friend and her lover
Wine high on the agenda, aura that has to be lingered
She melted those iron on wood that had her Lucinda
Bridesmaid from Rio, so chic ; so taut
Yet so charming and independent… maybe she’s a Leo

White dresses to be picked, so serene her bride should look
Graceful tresses…that cannot be nicked, she had that write down on her priorities book
Leaves and tomatoes, prawns and pork would be her need
But not a single hint of potatoes , Lawns and locks that still needs to be checked
A pre-wedding shopping, articles the bride would cherish
She never wanted to see the bride sobbing, things that would never perish
Music so with guitar, a Scotch should I try
Course the roads were in no tar, but wish the guy would never pry
A pendant,… that could be clubbed
There were shoes she’ll need
With the beautiful white gown that could be rubbed
A church, an aisle, a tall Jesus all up there
A witty lurch, something that’s more than a painter’s pestle
She got her bride, another princess from Rio
Yet she showed no pride, apart from the wailed white fence
She dressed modest, a blaze in, her eyes
Now Let me be honest, she’s in a race against time
Stood there with her bride, a moment she could be
Would she last for a moment barely, never you could see
No straw hats, no goggles… just a bare foot
She posed as the one that you wouldn’t want to loot
Away she was, a essence like the wind
Not just another lass, a presence in none’s mind
She was the bridesmaid from Rio, so chic so taut
So charming and Independent… God… she’s got to be a Leo.

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