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Quest for Thee by Vanessa Perkins

Quest for Thee

by Vanessa Perkins

pain used to hurt
the words cut me life a knife
shame filled my head at night
I used to think there was no place to go
i searched for a place
to hide and bury my thoughts

evil lurked around every corner
waiting for me to uncover
evil came to me in disguise
hoping I was weak enough to comply
as a starving baby cries for life
our world provided me sour milk
hoping that I would die

i tried everything you can imagine
drugs, men, pain and sin
my head was spinning out of control
hoping to find the ultimate fix
to sustain life and not become a victim

after decades of searching the mountains high
the valleys low
he stood right there watching over me
protecting me, holding me in His mighty arms
he is my drug, my man- sin-free
he provided me with fresh milk
love and strength for two lifetimes

i live today a stronger me
my search ended that day
He rescued me
He told me of his plans for me
the pain i endured, the suffering stings no more

He lives, He lives within me
i am stronger now for my soul
is filled with thee


The End

And that’s the End of the Poem

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