When my lungs burst open and i begin to cry
The life i was sewed into showed a luxurious lie
Sparkling clatters and sweet angels touch my soul
Seconds into all my sleep shattered.
I grew in a planet of serene night
Queries grew ,”how i cud be so brave and fight??”
Days had blended into the flawless dark
A wish to gaze or even glance at the stars
All i got was to hear.. the legends and their tales of wars.
The morning bloom,the charming twitter
How i endorse the pain is heavier than bitter
Sympathy showered from the rain of humans
But in their core the truth struck every loss.

My life’s truly wasted they succumb
But to my heart this life’s equally welcome.
Water trickling from the window sills
My fingers move towards the showers against my will
But the touch is what makes my world alive
My skin yearns the feel more to be wise
But a girth to have seen the world with these Cold Eyes.

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