It was a slant love. 
Back to back, 
lips to lips. 

Lethal and dark 
strong yet delicate 
like spider’s web. 

A dark side of the moon 
sending conflicting 
signals to bacilli- 

of dirty lane, pink 
and blue. My pug 
licks the toes. 

The pugmark on 
green body. I am now 
flowering. Hydrangeas. 

The primrose half-asleep 
Calendula was burning 
in veins. 

Unisex. The clenched 
fist of a desire. I will 
not accept a half-lip. 

The chaste tree was sending 
a bouquet of 
steaming pistils. 

Where the sun will sleep 
tonight? Till the love-making 
was over on tangerines. 

The loose skin now 
invites the red ants, crawling, 
wearing your nails.

Satish Verma

Poetry In English
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