I suppose happiness is fleeting,
but is not too difficult to come by.
I know of simple things that carry the charm,
and can change the colour of a dull day.
It’s the eye you have for life’s splendid things…
The beauty, which they say, lies in the eye of the beholder.
And with beauty comes happiness.
The sheer joy that beats all your sorrows;
the feeling of something special-
Like love that holds your heart out;
that rare moment you find all things beautiful.
And happiness I am told is also a state of mind.
A choice we make each passing moment.
Either to smile or frown upon a test,
and whether to let it pass or stay…
I suppose it’s always easier to spot the stains,
and be blind to all the little joys surrounding us,
but I guess the difference also lies in deriving joy,
from simple, ordinary things.
And just to smile at life, as it comes.

Copyright ©:  Vishü Rita Krocha


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