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I shall not be a shame by Torm Gardson


I have started to sow
Since when I no -nothing
Until now that I know
How to plant bold; seed of good deeds

I have lived on the land
Where afflictions taste like sweet
I live in the land
Where cry pours like rain

I have been beating
With the cane of bitterness
In this life of wilderness
Where I run after life
Like madman chasing nothing

I started with a step
And then a mile
Now, i make a thousand miles
Planting the seed of my good deeds
For my generations to reap the fruits

Where is the page of life?
Let me write my days on it’s stage
What story shall be told of my existence to my kin?
Of what shall be the tales?
When I have ceased to live and breathe
When I would have died in peace
To the world; I say by – gone
It is time, yes I am done

And when the sun
Shall cease to shine on my path
When death shall close my eyes
I shall not be ashame of death
That I shall not be a shame
Yes! This is my aim
I have come to make name
Selfless of riches and fame
I shall not be a shame to my generation
I will live even when dead.


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