I awake to hear her voices, her smells bring me alive, and Mother Earth is all around me wanting for me to step outside.
I see her creatures playing, the birds singing a tune, and the grasses are swaying to her sweet breaths perfume.
Beauty is all around me, life in full bloom, waiting for the next season to come to return to her womb.

Horses are galloping, Cows graze in her fields, little creatures run and play tag with their meals.
Mother Earth is abundant with all life to give, spreading her seed so she will continue to live.
While humans degrade her and spill filth on her skin, she moans and cries for healing to begin. Her trees have been taken, her body been raped, Her blood has been poisoned her waters not safe, her air has been polluted no clean breath to take, fires running ramped burning her kin, while she waits for new life to begin.
Mother Earth is so precious; she needs to be healed, so once again life can be revealed.

The Earth needs our help, letting her heal, keeping her clean so she can reveal
All beauty she holds, all the wonders she keeps, the wisdom she bestows, all while she weeps.
The garbage that’s tossed on her beautiful skin, all the toxins that’s dropped in waters with in, all the air filled with smoke that chokes up her lungs, with the fires that reap all her creatures she loves, she’s making a plea for all to stop, while we close up our ears and continue with out stop.

Please make it stop so she can continue to live, she screams from her bountiful body with in.
We take and we scar her beautiful land, we make her air thick so her smells we can’t stand, the water we pour all the chemicals in is making it hard for her fishes to swim.
We blow stuff up and burn all her land making it hard for all the trees to stand. Her creatures are tossed out in the cold, leaving them homeless with no place to go.
We must stop this get it to end for our mother is weeping and can’t understand; with all of her beauty and all of her love why would some body do this to a mother supposed to be loved.
This has to end before it’s too late, she’ll take all her love and leave us to fate.
She will make a new start and sweep all her lands leaving it clean for her next children too stand.

© TMBedell