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Shining Armour by Vaishnavi Prakash

A chest of metal, an eagle’s vision
A teeth of sour girdle, an insight of taught mentions
A plunging foot, a never dragging heart
There a princess stood, but never a hint of look or any dart
Scorching suns were braved
Torenting skies were naived
Dust like a life stuck up in every breadth
But the bronze turned skin shows his worth of every mile
A sweet child’s look, an outsmarting tangle
A heart wrapped up in pure satin
To be lent, to without crave given… to the
Bronze man in the shining armour
A metal built but without any doubt, human emotions he felt
A mask of ignorance worn,
A mask of love that was thrown
Days of blooming flowers, Ages of moving clouds
A touch of line upon the princess’ radiant skin shone
A wage of a tower, but yet never held any power…
His people mattered most he splattered
Wars of brave ones gone, yet he seemed as strong as sun
But just as unique and lovely he was
A gray tress came along, but never did the princess
Show a sign of crave withdrawn
She gazed and withheld the heart that was never given to hold
Neigh a quarter century but seventeen years of doom stay
Who says, every living moment was a precious day
Until a battle came, the same messenger to call them away
The torrent warnings and swords flocked,
The persons in numbers, they were all brave soldiers that flocked
A life’s battle…so long will take
Maybe a fortnight or until the next full moon day
Her heart leapt just like it had for every rage in these seventeen years
She crouched; she leaned to have the clearest view
Of her bronze man in the shining armour
He was at his point’s sharpness, a heart of rage and a love for his men unmeasured
A triumphant eagle’s scowl thrown
A way to the highest he has never known
But a look of gracious melodies, everlasting charms made a flash
He turned to the tower, where he knew the princess stood and gave a look into her eyes and then to the skies as he always did
A pleasure of pre-victory to have earned the world’s most precious gem
But a look of plain bravery and everlasting plight
But less did he know this would be his last sight
With a brave leap onto his trustee
He rode off… into the land of wilderness
Into the air of plain aura
Thus she held… Thus she will tell…
That this is my Knight’s Shining Armour


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