Those initial unforgettable times,
Happiness had the taste of the sweetest limes.
Enthusiasm of knowing and being with each other sprung in every blood cell
And I didn’t know that the memories which we were making unknowingly would come out so well.

Now that our relationship has become a little old,
And even though i remain your gold,
Jealousy is normal when you get attracted by some one’s fold.
But, my possessiveness is the magnetic force which gets you back on hold.
Mind you, without your co-operation my force is never bold.

With the passage of time, love is at its extreme.
A little unfavorable change in you is not acceptable even in my dream.
So treat me as delicately as a chocolate cream.

Everything seems to be alright.
But there is this immeasurable pain in me all day and night,
When you go by some one’s charm and take our relationship for granted and lite.
I feel like giving you left and right,
But even though it’s for some one else, I just want to see that smile on your face and not end up in a good for nothing fight.

Because, Ultimately you are the love of my life,
Still digging my heart deep with your magical knife.
Even if there are additions to this race,
You will always have an irreplaceable place.
Lets reimburse the loss of joy with the unconditional love which is still due,
Because, life is not the same without You!

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