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Birthday party blunder by Vinaya Kumar Hanumanthappa

It was a beautiful evening; it was a colorful day,
It was something special; it was my niece’s birthday,
The hall was decorated, with balloons fully blown,
She was looking so pretty, with beautiful green gown.

Guests did arrive, celebrations did start,
Cake was on the table, waiting to be cut.

Candles were lit, everything was ready,
My camera was new; I was holding it steady,
Everybody gathered, sang the birthday song,
Candles were blown off; claps were heard for long.

Wishes were showered and pleasantries exchanged,
Birthday girl was excited, with all the surprises she was gifted.

It was almost over, I thought of stopping the shoot,
Only to realize recording had not started and that was the sad truth,
Event went off the record; this was truly a disaster,
I literally bombed the party, with my careless blunder.


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