Caressing her soft skin,
The passion in the air was exciting,
His heart beating faster than a drum solo
Whispers into her ears, I love you.

The worst things in life come at no cost for us
She looked back at the day when their eyes met
An average day with an above average human being
Shrugging him off as just another guy,
She was stuck in her own ambitions and standards that he couldn’t possibly live up to them
Time changes perspective,
As the friendship grew cemented, their emotions was met through serious means
Her attachment became the window to the greater opportunities
And through his eyes she began to see his perspective,
The love that he had for her, the serenity that he made her feel
Feelings that grew into something so much more,
An average guy became the most spectacular guy she has ever met
The best friend she was looking for, a personality that she truly connected with
She didn’t want to be lost in his eyes,
When he professed his love to her, she said yes…

And then, there they were in the moment
He had just said I love you, she didn’t know how to react
But she knew that the answer was obvious,
His heart has become a part of a new world
The answer becomes easy when you see the amount of love she put into him,
Brought him up with a chance to never feel alone again,
Gave him enough support so he can continue his day with confidence
He couldn’t do anything without the support of his love
And they smiled, she thought it was perfect.
That the life that she lived was not reality, it was a lucid dream
So she thought to herself, and told him the answer he was always looking for.
Their love blossomed

Broken tears, she thought she had it perfect.
The lights were turned off; she’s struggling to do the daily routines
She remembers the very moment that he said I love you to her
Their passion will never be matched,
Painful to find that their love never blossomed
A beautiful flower that was ready to sprout into something special,
But he took his foot and stomped all over the flower.
She never took back her love for him
All the moments that she can’t hold back,
She remembers the moment where her heart was broken into two:

Caressing her soft skin,
Love, passion, happiness was all in the air
Her heart beating as loud as thunder
He smiles and whispers to her…
The heart flat lined

Words that he never said,
Broke her apart and never looked back.
Told her he would miss her and that he will never meet anyone quite like her
Her best friend leaving her life like that
Without a warning sign, just a humble, discrete way of breaking her heart
All the tears that she couldn’t hold back,
Disgraced her with everything that she had
All the love that she put out, watching it all disappear in a flash
Memories that are framed into her mind forever, she is forever lost
Piecing together a broken time frame because she can’t forget about him
Hating him because he deserves to be hated
But loving him because that’s what she knows how to do
All this hate, she can’t look at him with a new perspective
Everything that he never said, she said it for him

The broken love,
All the efforts of trying so hard to make love work
She is forever scarred by the heartbreak
But who knows where her future lies,
She wants to be loved, but does not want to go through the suffering
He ruined her perspective of love, but he hasn’t destroyed that little hope
When she smiles at couples, when she misses all the moments she had with him.
Not the happy moments, but the simple moments, the simple words he said to her
The passion that he had for her just by the way he looked at her.
She knew that she couldn’t give up on love
Broken love, this time she will move on, but never forget
Lost in her daydreams, but never for the happy story
The words that he never said will remain as incomplete sentences
He will always be her broken love.

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