Poetry Monster

Dinner Date by Rainbow Reed

Silently he stalked,
Where the nameless walked
Patrolling midnights beat
With heavy, dragging feet.
Creature of shadowland
Lawman, with gun in hand.

Fog smothers everywhere
Shrouding the killing lair.
Evil prowls the dead street;
Echoes of muffled feet,
Silently, people past,
Dripping hearts, racing fast.

Poster on shop window peers,
As photo fit face leers.
Front pages scream in fear.
Midnight ripper, comes here.
Beware this savage beast,
Beware his human feast.

Woman caught, out alone.
Whispers to her cell phone.
Grey form on poster glares,
Transfixed, she stops and stares.
Shadow flits across her face,
Warm heart begins to race….

Scents of fear, fill the street,
Sweat trickles in the heat,
A scream, a trip, fall…
Bold lawman, answers call,
Gently, he takes her arm,
“I’ll keep you safe from harm.”

She flicks strawberry hair,
Relieved to be in his care.
Lawman guides her through town,
Tense face looks up and down,
“You look tasty, my dear…”
Blue eyes widen with fear.

He smiled.
She froze.

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