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In The Chapel Of Rest by Steve Sant

In The Chapel Of Rest

by Steve Sant

Forever I have seen her
Yet never did we speak
Well only in some dreams I had
On five, six nights a week
Then yesterday by chance
As she got upon my train
The only seat free, was next to me
And so my chance it came

Nice day I ventured stupid
For it was cold and wet
She smiled but didn’t answer
I could blow the whole thing, yet
Yet, at least a smile
Perhaps all was not lost
Something in her demeanour
Cool but short of frost

And then to my astonishment
She turned and spoke to me
I see you every day she said
O still my mad heart be!
I see you too I answered
Always wanted to say hi
Me too she said with smiling eyes
Suppose we’re both too shy

And that was how it started
A train, a seat, a chance
It led to drinks, then dinner dates
Then finally romance
And later to a wedding
A girl and then a boy
We shared our lives together
The tragedy, the joy

I look upon you now my love
You take your final rest
Miss you though of course I shall
I feel that I am blessed
Blessed that I have known you well
Until we meet again
I thank God for that special day
We met upon the train


The End

And that’s the End of the Poem

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