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Lets go by Vinko Kalinić

Give me your hand, lets go, lets get out of this banality
– true, we might never be children again
whose faces glow of innocent carelessness
but we still can be people
totaly extraordinary, and totaly different
we can still avoid rail tracks and evade the roads
we still can…we still can…
all that never could do any child

give me your hand, lets go, it’s crazy to live withot imagination
– we will walk in silence, with faces turned towards the Sun
we’ll only follow Hís trace, and keep dissapearing
until we dissapear in it’s integrity
until we become same as the wind, cloud and storm
until we arrive to the other side of the world
where time is not measured by the ticking clock
where all is meaningless, what is not woven
from pure unselfishness, misgiving
and the most intimate human beliefs

come, give me your hand, lets go
we’ll take off these masks and we’ll remain worthy of ourselves
we will both lay down on the mute and bare soil
we will listen how silences are multiplying
how impossible things become possible
we will create some, entirely our own, nation and religion
whose flag will be the sky, and it’s anthem your restless eyes
I will sing it , from day to day, without stoping
soundless, like you sing the most holiest prayers
but we will cry together

give me your hand, lets go, lets get out of this language
let’s leave the words, let them grow themselves, past us
instead of them our crossed fingers will speak out
by to the wormth of our palms we’ll recognise
more intensly, and better than according to the moss
how the day turns into the night, and night into day
all we need to know we’ll find out
in the pulsating of our own blood

Vinko Kalinic

(Translated into English
Darko Kotevski, Melbourne, Australia)


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