See, how I love you: like birds
which are getting to the trip over the oceans
not counting the time and the distance
not even how much energy would they need
to bridge the open sea
not warring about the rains, storms and winds anger
not even where would they sleep, or what would they eat
not even if they will survive the dawn alive

see, that’s why I love you: because you awake
that unspoken in me, and stronger than life
that forces them also to raise to the sky
more than anything, longing just the warmth
without sense, without account, without credit
like one, the whole troop goes –

they just spread their wings and fly into emptiness
passionately, just like me into your eyes
looking only at the mute blueness
and they fly, believing
that they will arrive
to the end of the

Vinko Kalinic
Komiža, August 18th 2010.

(Translated into English
Darko Kotevski, Melbourne, Australia)

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