Only four months old
And she’s six feet under
What’s God trying to prove I wonder?
It’s just not fair, for she was so small
She was so small she couldn’t even crawl
Too young to understand how good life can be
Dear God, could you not have let her see?
In your own word you say:
” Can I love you enough to trust you and love you still:
Even though you can not reveal
Not yet while I’m in this world
The reason for this pain and dispair
The tears from my eyes fall like rain
Don’t you even care
I can’t handle anymore pain

You gave me something so great
I cherished every breath she took
But I woke up a little to late
It was already the end of her book
Ten years later its still just as hard
I miss her precious little fingers
My hearts forever scarred
Her memory still lingers

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