No; mind thy father. When his tongue
Is keen, he’s still thy friend, John,
Vor wolder vo’k should warn the young
How wickedness will end, John;
An’ he do know a wicked youth
Would be thy manhood’s beäne,
An’ zoo would bring thee back ageän
‘Ithin the ways o’ truth.
An’ mind en still when in the end
His leäbour’s all a-done, John,
An’ let en vind a steadvast friend
In thee his thoughtvul son, John;
Vor he did win what thou didst lack
Avore couldst work or stand,
An’ zoo, when time do num’ his hand,
Then pay his leäbour back.
An’ when his bwones be in the dust,
Then honour still his neäme, John;
An’ as his godly soul wer just,
Let thine be voun’ the seäme, John.
Be true, as he wer true, to men,
An’ love the laws o’ God;
Still tread the road that he’ve a-trod,
An’ live wi’ him ageän.


The End

And that’s the End of the Poem

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