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Sunflowers by Martin Willitts Jr.


by Martin Willitts Jr.

Based on the Van Gogh painting “Sunflowers” he made while waiting for Cezanne to join him

I want to decorate my room with color
from sunflowers that all I can imagine
sharing the arbitrary orange and yellow
I selected from the field of my imagination

placed them on a table
so it’s the first and last thing one sees
when entering or leaving in a hurry
to compel a person to slow down

enjoy the released yellow envelops
from a distance I have not opened

I want to express myself, but I dare not
less my enthusiasm overwhelm you
and my words open as sunflowers

no one should see so much yellow, I think

so I hold back, afraid of having so much love
it makes your cheeks turn orange

so stay a while,
paint with me, let our painting sigh,
let the rooms be yellow mornings

End of the poem

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