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The Morning Breeze by Mousumi Guha Roy

Awake in the light of dawn.
Picking up flower
The heart beats at morning breeze.
The memorable feeling of touch of breeze.

The Krishnachura tree,
Full of red flower
The mind recedes back in the dawn.

The sky is black at eleven o’clock.
The thunder of Kalbaisakhi,
The month of Chaitra (March)
The rain washed thatch.

The sun piercing through the cloud
On the front yard.
The chilled air.

The morning, noon, afternoon moves
To wonderful night.
The soft sun of morning,
The solitude of noon,
The soft smoothness of afternoon,
The fate of seven star.

The koel sings in the dusk
With pain and indifference.

The beautiful music in mp3
Lata, Kishore,
With sadness and anger.

End of the poem

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