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The Wedding Night by Mukeshkumar Raval

The Luna
With all its celestial light,
Poured from the sky, the magic white,
On the newly wedded bride;
The cool breeze on terrace
Played with her locks
Like the wind plays with water,
The chill Fondled on her face
As surfs do gently shatter;
A sonic boom,
A mild heart quake,
Fission in the blood cells,
As she traveled fast into the past;
The dead leaves from old books
Suddenly became green,
The ancestral bangles on the hand
Identified the anguish of blood within,
Her obedient heart hurriedly
Shut the lids of grave,
The cunning mind assessed
The agony to be borne,
Confused she stared,
Like a drowning ship in the storm,
The past merged into present,
The memories compromised with reality,
A cloud veiled the moon.
Darkness transformed her into night,
A wedding night…..
The Sun on her forehead rose at the midnight.

End of the poem

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