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The Meaning of Music by Mercedes Madrigal

In the dictionary, music is defined as, “vocal or instrumental sounds possessing a degree of melody, harmony, or rhythm.” But there’s definitely more to it than that, isn’t there? Music is so many different things. It’s emotion, compassion. It’s a way of life.
Imagine waking up one day, and music didn’t exist. How would we all cope? How would we be able to live? Music defines us all, without it, we’re nothing. We’re absolutely nothing.
Music speaks for itself. Literally. The words expressed in every single song created, tell a story. There are meanings behind the lyrics. And sometimes, you just have to listen closely to find out what they are. These meanings are what appeal to use most, because we can relate to them.
Ever had that one song that brought back a really good or really bad memory? Or even a song that makes you happy or sad? It all comes from within a meaning of a song. That’s what defines a song. And that defines why it matters to you. It’s all made up of emotion and feeling. All successful artists make music that contains an abundance of meaning.
Now, music doesn’t always have to contain words or lyrics in order for you to feel passionately about it. Classical music, for example. You never hear words, just the instruments providing such intricate and beautiful sound yet, we can still feel the emotion within it. Just by listening, you think of how the music sounds to you. If its tone is light, you might feel a sense of happiness; however, of it has a much darker tone, it might make you sad or even frightened.
Music defines us, just as we define music. Music speaks when we are unable to. We need music in our lives. Music lives within all of us. And with that, music shall live on forever.

Copyright ©:  Mercedes Madrigal

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